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Kiskadoo is the name underwhich Doug Williams creates websites, digital media and offers IT solutions & support.
Doug is a qualified web developer, he has been building websites for well over 10 years and has help lots of people take up a place on the internet.
He also provides photography, and as a keen stereographer, he loves exploring the 3rd dimension taking 3D photographs in his spare time.
Beyond the digital world, Doug is very accomplished in physical art and technology too. He loves to sculpt, mould, wire and weld. He builds theatrical props, puppets, and sci-fi replicas. He can sometimes be found restoring vintage cars too.

  • Doug Williams created my website and I think he has done a really great job. Many of my customers have commented on my website telling me how impressed they are and how clear and easy it is to use.

    - Jenny Smith, A Pie & A Pint

  • Just wanted to say thank you for our school website! I've just managed to upload photos using the iPhone app like you suggested and couldn't believe how quick it is!

    - Natalie Johnson, Bicton School

  • I am very happy with the website Doug designed for me. He researched my profession and quickly came up with an original and appropriate design incorporating everything I had asked for - and more. Getting Doug to do the website saved me a lot of time and trouble and was money well-spent.

    - Heather Smith, Shropshire Massage

  • I’m totally thrilled with my lovely new website and feel it's a masterpiece - because: it totally fits my brief, is exactly what I wanted (only better!), it's clear, detailed, yet easy to navigate. Doug is such a nice, genuine, person - very hard working, and a fantastic web-designer. I feel privileged to have a website produced by him.

    - Sally Richards, Awenaura

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