I pride myself on my close working relationships with the Companies, Schools and Individuals that I serve. Here are some of the kind words that they have said about me and my services.

Doug Williams created my website and I think he has done a really great job. Many of my customers have commented on my website telling me how impressed they are and how clear and easy it is to use.
Doug continues to maintain and update my site, he always does my amendments so quickly and makes everything so straightforward for me.
I would strongly recommend Doug to anybody. He has brilliant ideas, he is very easy to work with and even took the photographs for my site.
Jenny Smith, A Pie and a Pint
Just wanted to say thank you for our school website! I've just managed to upload photos using the iPhone app like you suggested and couldn't believe how quick it is. The photos I've chosen are probably not the most exciting to look at but will mean a lot to the children in them and their parents.
It's going to make such a difference to us as a staff and ultimately the children.
Natalie Johnson, Bicton Primary School (Deputy Head)
Doug had already produced two wonderful websites for me: for my writing/poetry and my Reiki practice; I therefore had no hesitation to ask if he would amend my reiki website to allow for my new therapies post my degree in complementary therapies. I believe that in my line of work: holistic health, that my website (a very public image) should genuinely reflect not just my work, but also who I am as a person.
I had lots of ideas of what I would like – but always trust Doug to sort through my ideas and come up with a great design. I needed to fit in a lot of text, sections, and images. It was a very difficult brief due to the complexity of my work, being both a therapist and a teacher. Doug felt it important to keep some of my original website identity, but with a fresh look and focus. I love natural world images, and like lots of colour; Doug knows how to harness my imagination, and ideas, and focus them into ‘the real world’ and into something professional and workable. How he managed to collate everything I will never know!
The finished result is beyond my expectations. I'm totally thrilled with my lovely new website and feel it’s a masterpiece - because: it totally fits my brief, is exactly what I wanted (only better!), it's clear, detailed, yet easy to navigate. It was so much work for Doug, but he just gets on with things, and it didn’t take long! Doug is such a nice, genuine, person - very hard working, and a fantastic web-designer. I feel privileged to have a website produced by him.
Sally Richards, Awenaura Natural Healing
I am very happy with the website Doug designed for me. He researched my profession and quickly came up with an original and appropriate design incorporating everything I had asked for - and more. Getting Doug to do the website saved me a lot of time and trouble and was money well-spent.
Heather Smith, Shropshire Massage
Our Pre-School website is fantastic! It's bright and colourful, it's easy for people to navigate through and is a good way for new parents to find out what we have to offer.
Jessica Croft, Bicton Pre-School
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